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Webberville is proud of our partnership with our community and our strong home-school connection. Below you will find recent feedback we have received from our students and families, as well as a space for you to submit a message of thanks to a current staff member. We aim to promote a climate of positivity and encouragement among our students and truly value the thoughts and comments of the Webberville community.

”Our family would like to thank our incredible middle school team of teachers for helping us work through the past year. Learning from a distance was challenging and frustrating at times, but all of you were supportive and helpful in tackling whatever obstacle we were facing. We appreciate the extra time and hard work you put into helping to create a successful structure for the year. Thank you!”

“We would like to share our appreciation for Mr. Franks, Mr. Weaver and Ms. Scott- thank you so much for always going above and beyond. We are so lucky to have you and I’m thankful that all of my kids got to have you as teachers!”

“Thank you Mr. Weaver for taking the time to send me a positive message to point out something nice my son did. It meant a lot.” 

“Mrs. Huffman has gone out of her way to help me and many others. She has taken time out of her day to help me and many others to prevent us from failing. Without you, I would not be able to pass math class.”

“Thank you Mr. Weaver for always challenging us and holding us accountable. You are always so understanding and easy to talk to. I appreciate that you are never too up and never too down, so I always know what to expect from you. Your consistency helps me a lot. And you are from Webberville, which is cool!”

“I love Mr. Ellul. He keeps the choir family together even when we are all stressed out. This year has been a lot, but having Mr. Ellul makes it all better.”

“Mr. Ellul is such an amazing teacher. Even when I don't feel like I'm doing a good job he reassures me. He makes me laugh at least once every day in his class. He is a positive light in this world that every person should know. He is one of the nicest, most kind-hearted, fun people I have ever met. He is the reason I get better at singing every year. Mr. Ellul, thank you for making me feel like I belong. Thank you for making Choir more than just choir; thank you for making it a family. Thank you for everything you've done for me and thank you for giving me a safe place to be me.”

“Mr. Smith was my gym teacher in 2nd grade. When I found out he was moving to the Middle and High School, I'm pretty sure I cried. Mr. Smith lights up my whole day. Saying hi to him whenever I see him in the hall is amazing! He is such a cool person and one of my favorite people in this school!

“I no longer have Mrs. Hitchcock as a teacher now that I’m in high-school but, Mrs. Hitchcock will always be one of the teachers that saved my life. She is such a nice person; she just lights up the room. When she was my teacher, her class was always my favorite, and whenever I was in a bad mood, being in her class would always cheer me up.”

“I’m such a big fan of all of our teachers. Especially since my children are not the easiest to teach. Mr. Franks contacted me on Super Bowl Sunday to discuss ideas to keep my son engaged and successful. My kid is not musically talented nor does he care about music very much. For goodness sake, he listens to Duke FM. I know this means I’ve failed as a musical mother. My son stayed in band for one reason- it wasn’t talent, or music, or friends. It was only because of the sheer awesomeness of Mr. Franks.”  

“I appreciate Mrs. Scifers. She has always answered any and all of my questions. She has aided my child’s college planning and she is an all-around great person. We are very lucky to have her. I will always be very grateful for all the help she has provided both to myself and my children.”

“Mr. Smith- our family appreciates you so much! These comments are collective from our family members: Excellent, informative emails. Very caring. He has tried very hard help students have the most normal year possible. He always attends all the events and he encourages the students in everything they do.”

“We appreciate Ms. Micheli so much! She is always so positive, friendly, and helpful! She is such an important part of our school. She is an excellent person to be the face and tone of the school for parents/visitors when they call.”

“Thank you to Katie Petty! She is always so welcoming. She knows all the kids names and makes them all feel special. She is always willing to help and she goes above and beyond."

“Thank you Mrs. Scifers for always helping our students! You care so much and give so much time to make the school great.” 

“Thank you Mr. Katona for being such a great and fun teacher. You are my son’s favorite teacher.”

“Thank you Mrs. Huffman for all you do! You have made math an enjoyable subject for my kids! Through Covid planning to extra things to motivate and challenge them you have always been positive and helpful. Our family is so grateful for you!"

“Thank you Mrs. Hitchcock for making science so much fun! My daughter just loves the way you teach. You have been such a gift for our family!”

“Thank you Mrs. Perry for being willing to step out of your comfort zone and offer a new class. My daughter has said no matter how her day starts, it always ends wonderful because of your class! Your positivity is lifting our student’s spirits in a hard year, thank you!”

“We appreciate Mrs. Berger and all the hard work and dedication of all of our AMAZING Webberville Staff. Thanks for all you do!”

“I would like to thank every teacher for always believing in us and being a smiling face when we need it most, especially throughout this past year.  I would like to especially thank Mrs. Flowers for being positive and kind.”

“Thank you Webberville staff for always being there for my kids!”

“I would like to take a minute to appreciate all of the "behind the scenes" staff. There have been many different challenges this year, and yet we still walk into clean classrooms every day. Our custodial staff deserves a big round of applause for that. Our office staff also deserves appreciation. I know there is a lot going on that we as students don't see, but we appreciate everything. This year has been hard on all of us, yet our teachers and staff put in the extra work to make sure we have a fun year. I'm so grateful for all of the staff at Webberville. I appreciate everything our staff does for us. We really are a family.”

“Mrs. Hitchcock, I really appreciate you! You always make class so much easier for us. You’re just a great teacher in general, you’re nice, but you don't let us walk all over you. Your outfits are amazing, and we always have fun when we are in your class. Happy Teacher Appreciation week Mrs. Hitchcock!!”

“I appreciate Mr. Franks. He is always there for his students. He makes school fun and when I don't get something he is always there to walk me through the problem. So thank you Mr. Franks for being a great teacher.”

“We appreciate all the hard work and dedication to our AMAZING Webberville Staff. Thanks for all you do!"

“Mr. Smith, thank you for writing scholarship recommendations and going above and beyond to support me. Your encouragement always made me feel important and I really appreciate that.”

“Mr. Franks is always fun to see and great at helping me advance my music.”

“Mr. Wilson is great at helping me learn new art techniques, and showing me how to approach artistic problems differently.”

“Mrs. Scifers is always there in the morning to meet me with a friendly wave, or a fun conversation.”

“Mrs. Bohlmann has always had a positive influence on my life and pushed me to be the best I can be. She has constantly supported me throughout my lowest and highest points and is always there to listen even when I’m talking at light speed after my coffee is gone." 

“I thank all of the teachers that work at Webberville. All the teachers here barely ever take a break just to get the students well educated and I appreciate that. They also help all the students that need help and that is awesome! Once again I thank all teachers in Webberville. Thank you.”

“Thank you Mrs. Pierman!”

“Thank you to all of the teachers who are working hard to make this year better. I know it has been as hard for you all that it has been for us. I just thank you all for working hard and making a difference.”

“A huge thank you and shout out to all Webberville teachers!!! You all rock!!! Thank you for the dedication to our kids and our future!!!! What you do is important, noticed and recognized. We might not tell you enough, but please know you are appreciated!!! Go Spartans!!!!”

“Mr. Vowles is amazing! He makes the kids feel comfortable and makes an effort to make their day better with a simple good morning.” 

“Mr. Belding, thank you for challenging me in your class, I definitely grew as a writer and learned life skills. You pushed me to critically think and get out of my comfort zone and I really enjoyed your assignments. I wish I could've taken the class in person, but I feel like I got a lot out of it still. I also love reading and writing, so this class was really one of my favorites, and I definitely want to pursue literature in college!”

“Mr. Wilson, thank you for inspiring me to grow and always making art fun, for challenging me, and for sharing encouraging words about my art pieces, it really boosts my confidence. You have really pushed me to use my creative side and express myself in my art! You're also the coolest art teacher I've had! Thank you!”

“I would like to thank Mrs. Rolen. She has helped me out so much this year no matter what was happening. She made everything seem so much better!”

“Mrs. Katie Petty she brings a smile on my face every morning when she takes my temperature before school. She also helps me when I get hurt which makes me feel a lot better.”

“Mrs. Pierman has made this year very easy for me. She has always answered all of my questions about my work. She has always set up google meets for when I needed help. Thank you Mrs. Pierman.”

“There are many teachers and faculty members that I appreciate, way too many people to list. You care about the young members of our community and it shows:

Teachers reaching out to assist struggling students

Faculty members that make seniors sit down and apply for scholarships

Staff members that reach out to check on the well-being of sick students

Coaches that have as much heart as the students they coach.

Custodians that go above and beyond to make sure the building and grounds are clean for everyone and changing the message board under the high school sign to welcome our students back home. Thank you all for everything that all you do!”

“I would like to thank Mrs. Perry. She is passionate, fabulous, amazing, the absolute best!”

“I would like to thank Mr. Ellul. He is so positive and uplifting!”

“I appreciate Mrs. Hitchcock so much. She is so dedicated and positive, and inspiring!”

“Mrs. Huffman is incredible! Our family appreciates her so much! It is very easy to see how much she cares about her student’s success and them as individuals.”

“Mr. Franks is so down to earth, funny, and talented! He builds great positive relationships with all of his students.”

“We would like to recognize Ms. Micheli in the office. Seeing her smiling face each day is such a welcome sight for the students. She is always so positive and encouraging! Her hard work and dedication to Webberville has not gone unnoticed- we are so lucky to have her. Thank you, Ms. Micheli!”

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