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School Organization

The school year is divided into two 18-week semesters. Each school day is divided up into seven 52-minute class periods. Progress reports are provided to students each nine weeks and report cards are given out at the end of each semester. First semester ends January 15, 2021. Second semester ends May 28, 2021. Grades and class rank are exact. Dual enrollment and AP courses are weighted.

Graduation Rate: 98%

25% of our students are here by Schools of Choice


State of Michigan Department of Education


Recognized by the state as an Awards School

Graduation Requirements

Math: 4 Credits
English: 4 Credits
Science: 3 Credits
Social Studies: 3 Credits
World Language: 2 Credits
Health/Physical Education: 1 Credit
Visual/Performing Arts: 1 Credit
Electives: 6 Credits

Total Credits Required: 24

Grading Scale

A= 4.00
A-= 3.67
B+= 3.33
B= 3.00
B-= 2.67
C+= 2.33
C= 2.00
C-= 1.67
D+= 1.33
D= 1.00
D-= .67
E= 0.00

Class of 2020 Profile

2-Year College: 36%
4-Year College: 46%
Work/Other: 13%
Military: 5%
SAT: 930


170 Students (Grades 9-12)

Advanced Courses

Michigan Virtual High School

Dual Enrollment Courses

Baker College
Ferris State University
Lansing Community College
Michigan State University

World Languages


CEEB School Code