Elementary School

Welcome to Webberville Elementary! 

All staff members work collaboratively to create a family-like atmosphere in which all students can achieve academic success, view themselves as learners, and experience social emotional well-being. Webberville Elementary is a place where every student is a STAR!

We are proud of the strong relationship we cultivate between staff, students and families, which fosters a positive learning environment for all students. Our experienced teachers readily engage in inquiry and learning, utilizing data to improve their teaching methods. They take risks throughout the year to further advance their instruction. Working collaboratively is a focus of all our teachers, who are comfortable leading and teaching others about their passions.

A focus of the staff at Webberville Elementary is encouraging a strong feeling of worth within our students. They are valued and they matter. Our students are actively engaged in an exciting curriculum and love the school they are a part of. Families are continually welcomed to be an integral part of their students’ journey through elementary school.  We work diligently to foster trust and a strong feeling of community amongst our families.

We invite you to explore what Webberville Elementary has to offer and look forward to nurturing the next generation of Spartans!

Important Components of Our School:

  • Teachers readily engage in inquiry and learning
  • Teachers take risks in order to improve their teaching
  • Teachers utilize data as a tool to improve their teaching and student learning
  • Teachers are comfortable leading others and teaching others about something they are passionate about
  • Families feel welcome and trust the school
  • Students LOVE our school
  • Students feel like they MATTER
  • Students are actively engaged in learning

Unique Curriculum

We take an innovative approach to developing our curriculum by researching and discovering programs that will most benefit our students. Programs such as Writing Workshop and the Orton Gillingham method offer a varied toolbox to build a solid foundation in reading and writing that is individualized to each students’ needs. Our Second Step program takes a holistic approach to promote the social-emotional development, safety and well-being of our students. We further nurture our students by providing experiences in music, art, physical education and technology.

Buddy Time

Younger children are eager to learn from our students in higher grade levels. By working with our younger students, older children develop empathy, leadership skills, and responsibility. At Webberville, lower elementary classrooms team up with upper elementary classrooms weekly to provide these students quality time together. Various activities are enjoyed during Buddy Time, such as reading and art. We also utilize the Links Program for our students needing additional peer-to-peer support.

Positive Interventions

We believe all that students can thrive in a positive environment. Therefore, our behavior management framework prioritizes proactive support over punishment. We implement this using Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support or PBIS. Using this framework, we strive to support students with positive preventative behavior. Our teachers and staff are committed to implementing this system school-wide to ensure every student achieves academic and emotional success.

Community Connection

Building and maintaining a strong relationship between our school, our families and the larger community is a priority. Families are encouraged to be a part of their students’ journey throughout elementary school. Student achievement is recognized at monthly assemblies, in which families and the community are welcome to attend. Our Veteran’s Assembly honoring our service heroes is a Webberville tradition and our Spring Carnival puts a smile on the faces of kids and adults alike. We are proud to offer these and other opportunities for our community to interact with our school.



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Contact Us

Jeannette Kiernan
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Elizabeth Davis
Administrative Assistant
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School Address

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